Annu Biji George Counselling Centre in Pattom, Trivandrum
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Contact Person : Ms. Annu Biji George, Psychologist and Family Counsellor
Address : PF Office Lane, Pattom, Trivandrum
Landmark : Near Alagappa University
Pin Code : 695004
Phone Number : 0471 3241755
Mobile Number : 9847066239
Last updated : Sep 14, 2010
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Extremely bad experience with this lady. My family & I went for a counselling session with this Annu Biji in Jan 2015. All of us had a bad experience. First of all, she does not value our time & kept us waiting for more than 1-hour. Moreover, she gave us an appointment on the day before & when we went there & called her, her phone was engaged for half an hour... we patiently waited & finally when she picked, she said that day is a holiday & gave appointment by mistake!! She dint even apologize for it!! The waiting area is unclean & unwelcoming, which itself gives bad vibes to people who come with problems. Counselors should be good listeners, but this lady is a very BAD listener. She cuts us off rudely while speaking, quickly finishes the session & then writes down next appointment to continue the session... so that each time she can take payment. She talks absolute rubbish & makes wrong assumptions of situations we say. We went there for a simple FAMILY counselling, thinking she will suggest ways to strengthen our family relationship and make my aged parents feel more confident. But she made us all Depressed & accused us as if we went there for a divorce or separation!! She kept talking about Divorce & its procedures, even though none of us mentioned "divorce" in our talk at all. Please do not go to her for any kind of counselling. My husband & I are MBA graduates & have worked with good companies in India & abroad. We have come across many people in life, but I feel she is not a qualified person or a "psychologist" as she says. We went to her since our parents live in trivandrum & her office is near for us. She doesn't know how to talk & calm people at all. Utter waste of money & time. The truth is Kerala, esp Trivandrum is in shortage of good counselors and psychiatrists. Surveys showed India has only one psychiatrist for every 332,226 people. There are very few expert doctors & counselors who know what they do, but fixing appointment is difficult due to busy schedules.usually filled up.... which makes us go for options like this Annu Biji and other unprofessional people, who do not have any interest in providing good service, & only money-minded.
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