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In a quiet corner

ymca stall


Aside all the exhibitions and seminars that take place at the YMCA Hall at Statue, a small stall stays silently outside, doing its little trading from morning to evening. It has been open for five years now. A woman stands behind the stall and moves about, selling packed food and juices, and little household items made by women from rural areas. 


Promoted by YMCA Rural Development Centers, the stall employs Kudumbasree workers, one of whom is the woman who has looked after the stall all five years. Behind the counter, she stays happily, busy in her little work, ready to jump up and greet and serve everyone who stops for a bite or a drink on a really tiring day.



Posted By : Cris, On Mar 30, 2010 12:33:17 AM
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Good little insight.
Passerby, on Mar 30, 2010 01:23:40 PM
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