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A Penny For His Art


sadanandan art yentha

Sadanandan's work of art near Secretariat, Statue


Sadanandan took less than two hours to finish this work of art, say onlookers who stayed close by to witness the marvel. Look no further, this beautiful painting is on the walls of a street right in the heart of the city -- near the Secretariat, Statue.

Hailing from Nedumangad, KG Sadanandan comes all the way to the city in the hope of earning a few bucks for the hours of labour - in producing such creative wonders for the public.

Sadanandan has never received any training in art. “This is the only job I have known and done,” he says. Wearing clothes, blackened obviously by all the work and colours he used, he says: “These are my work clothes. I have to wash my hands and change these clothes.”

Once he finishes his work, he walks on, in no hurry to proclaim his creativity. People rush to him to seek out his intentions and hearing his story, reach their pockets and wallets to shell out a few bucks for this poor man.


sadanandan art yentha

Sadanandan (middle) tells his tale


“He is not one who should be drawing in streets (ithivide engum nikkanda aal alla),” says an onlooker admiring his art.

Sadanandan does not seem in the least perturbed by the the gathering around him and the questions shot at him by curious spectators. He walks on, answering their questions. All he has in mind are his grandchildren back home, waiting to get something out of the little earnings he makes. With those brushes and strokes that can only come from a pair of gifted hands of a creative genius.

For any painting or art-related work, he is available at your beck and call. His address:

KG Sadanandan
Karingayil Veedu
Paruthikuzhi PO
Nedumangadu Vazhi

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