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Bearing The Weight Of Decades!

granite structures trivandrum

Photo courtesy: Sandeep C


These decades-old solid granite structures have become a rare sight in the city. With road widening and pavements being tiled to uplift the face of our city, many of these structures have been removed by the authorities. These 5-feet-tall granite pieces were erected during the regime of the Travancore kings.

‘Chumadu thangi’ as it is called in Malayalam was used by the labourers who used to walk miles carrying heavy loads of vegetables and grains on their head. These structures helped them to load and unload the heavy sacks without the help of another person. There were also waiting sheds and large buckets with water for the bullocks, both granite structures, around the city.

With modern means of transportation creeping in, these granite structures have become a burden for the authorities who are in search of more space on the roads.



Posted By : Cris, On Jul 12, 2010 04:20:33 PM
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Syamnath ur findings are cool...r u working with yentha team?
Vyas, on Jul 14, 2010 07:53:39 PM
tanx...i am not working with writing some articles...but would lyk to work with them..:)
Syamnath JG, on Jul 16, 2010 08:09:19 PM
Lachu, on Jul 19, 2010 08:41:02 PM
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