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Cards On The Ground

playing cards yentha

The background shows the new Coastal Police Station at Vizhinjam. Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Mullappally Ramachandran, Law Minister M Vijayakumar, DGP Jacob Punoose, IG Hemachandran IPS, MR Ajith Kumar IPS and a whole lot of other high ranking officials are present at the site. A crowd of nearly 200 policemen are on duty around the location. Seen in the picture are official vehicles of these officers. They have name plates and blue flash lights on top. In fact there are policemen inside these vehicles.

And what you see in the foreground, are a group of people, playing cards with money at stake, and apparently unaffected by what is happening around.

Posted By : Cris, On Jun 04, 2010 02:49:52 PM
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trainil cards kalichal, police theri vilikkum. Ithu chodikkan aarum ille?
Joker, on Jun 04, 2010 08:27:00 PM
Is there a rule - playing cards in public places is punishable?
Reply, on Jun 05, 2010 04:02:49 PM
I think gambling in public space is punishable. One can only do it only in clubs and closed space. If there is no money or betting involved, it is OK to play cards in public. One among the million confusing rules in India :)
Anand, on Jun 07, 2010 07:36:26 AM
lavanmaru kalichottedey...aarrkum oru updravum cheyunilla.....lavarkellam ethille ulloo recreation......enthu kandalum news aakan kore ennam erangikolum....
Ganesh, on Jun 09, 2010 05:35:05 PM
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