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City Of Bottlenecks

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Trivandrum city saw the widening of many roads and that too at a really fast pace. The road from Over Bridge to Statue Jn. was transformed into a rider’s pleasure in a few months. But the halfhearted works (I’m forced to think so) of the authorities is causing more trouble than benefit. The traffic signal lights along the Over Bridge-LMS road does not work in sync with the succeeding ones. You find vehicles from all the directions made to halt with the red light at the junctions along that road and the junction appears deserted. You’re left guessing which side of the traffic would start moving first. This dramatic moment has become a part of the city dweller’s everyday life. Even more ridiculous is the fact that all the road widening has led to more bottlenecks in the city; Pulimood Jn., Ulloor Jn. etc are examples.

And here you find (in the pic.) a Maruti car being butted aside by a KSRTC bus. The story goes that the car was approaching from the Vanchiyoor – Pulimmod rd. and, the bus from Ayurveda College. The signal light at the Pulimood Jn. got confused as to who should be let to pass first. The signal light at the Statue Jn. in front of the SBT took its own call in letting the vehicles from Statue Jn. to pass. The result – all the vehicles from all the three directions moved at the same time and the hapless Maruti, driven by a lady was pushed aside in a battle of strength by the more masculine KSRTC monster.


Posted By : Sambhu Sankar, On Jun 16, 2010 05:44:10 PM
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i would rather accuse the drivers/riders for this mishap. People can wait for close to 1 minute in a red signal, but they can't wait for a few seconds for it to turn green. When ever in a traffic signal, I have noticed 90% of the motorists/riders old or young, girl or guy, revs up and prepare to jump the signal when they 'guess' it will be their turn next on the signal. Why can't they wait till it turn green??
Srijith , on Jul 13, 2010 11:34:02 AM
"" You find vehicles from all the directions made to halt with the red light at the junctions along that road and the junction appears deserted." ^^ This is for pedestrian crossing.
Srijith, on Jul 13, 2010 11:36:09 AM
@Srijith - I'm not oblivious of the fact that it's for the pedestrians to cross the road. But there should be a method to do this. Stand at the Palayam Jn. for a while and you'll see all traffic lights flashing red including the signals for the pedestrians, all at the same time.
Sambhu Sankar, on Jul 13, 2010 12:30:17 PM
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