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Home Managers Flock At LMS

Home Managers Flock At LMSA hot and humid afternoon. Women queued in front of the LMS compound, with open umbrellas and huge carry bags. Their wait proved to be endless. Little ones were crying and were creating a fuss, as they weren’t as patient as their mothers.
The queue was in front of the consumer fed sale at LMS. The prices of various basic commodities like rice, sugar and oil were tremendously low and hence attracted all the home managers.

All that one needed to do was bring a copy of their ration card and they could take home 5 kg of rice and 1 kg of everything else at subsidised rates. The whole crowd was easily managed as they were given tokens and were allowed to enter only when one group was out. But the queue was long and there were women who waited since 10 in the morning till 2 at noon for their turn.

“I have been waiting for the last three hours but I feel the patience will pay as the prices are pretty low,” says Girija, who came from Maruthankuzhy. On the other hand, Susheela, who is a resident of Neyatinkara, is a little frustrated at the fact that she had to wait for a long time and that she hadn’t prepared lunch at home.

The suprising fact was that in the whole long queue, one couldn’t spot even a single male member of a house.


Posted By : Sambhu Sankar, On Jul 23, 2010 08:15:18 PM
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