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It's all about a 50 paise

The bus halts at Vattiyurkavu for five minutes. People inside are frustrated. The plump and grumpy lady who sits beside me startles everyone in her threatening voice, "I have an appointment at two. Do you have any plans to start the bus?" The conductor, a khakee clad 40 year old, gives the double bell. I admire his patience.


And so the journey begins. After two stops, as the plump lady is about to get out, she almost knocks off the poor little conductor, "I have to get a 50 paise!" The conductor rummages his bag and says that he doesn't have change. The grumpy lady mutters something and gets down.


The 50 paise scarcity is a big issue these days. I had a small chat with the conductor.


"Can't they carry change with them? At least they can carry 50 paise coins so that we can give them 1 rupee back. Each day we listen to such grumbling, as if we are going to build a castle with all these 50 paise coins," says Rajan a KSRTC conductor pointing to a Malayalam notice displayed on the bus which says "dayavayi chillara tharuka" (Please give the exact change).


People blame the conductor. The conductor blames the people. But carrying 50 paise coins isn't a hard job, is it?


Posted By : Sabin, On Apr 09, 2010 09:25:03 PM
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the "plump and grumpy lady" should have just walked rather than take a bus if its just two stops. Good for health ;)
Anand, on Apr 10, 2010 12:27:32 AM
@ Anand, i dunno from where she got in. I caught the bus from Vattiyurkav and she might have boarded it from some "pattikaadu"
Akshaya, on Apr 10, 2010 03:53:33 AM
Accounting my previous two days, I never had a chance to have a 50 paise coin. If I have to board a bus, how can I give 'exact' change? In my opinion it's the responsibility of the retailers/service providers to keep the changes.
Srijith.v, on Apr 10, 2010 02:05:13 PM
@akshaya.. 2 stops from vattiyoorkavu is nt pattikkadu..:) i live 2 stops away...
Santhosh, on Jun 10, 2010 11:43:14 PM
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