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Look Before You Park!

east fort bus no parking yentha

Photo By Syam Nath


East Fort, Trivandrum: The picture says it all. A no-parking signboard stands loud and clear, in the middle of the road. The crow that has parked itself right on top of the board may be excused. Human language may just be a little different from crow-talks.

But the buses did not ride on its own. Two human drivers, who passed their license test by writing that vehicles are to stay away from no-parking zones, have either not seen the sign or just didn’t bother.

Such occurrences are many and it becomes increasingly menacing when the culprits decide to leave their vehicles parked at the side of very busy roads. Very few of the no-parking boards are taken seriously.

Time for a change, ladies and gentlemen. When there are people lurking around with mobile phone cameras around the city, it is no more an easy-to-get-away world. It is time for a change in attitude.

Posted By : Cris, On Aug 12, 2010 11:57:05 PM
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I am all for following the traffic rules, but you cannot entirely blame it on the drivers. There is only so much parking space in the city and these bus drivers for instance probably couldn't find a parking space in the bus depot. Instead of blaming it on the other person, the administrators and city officials need to plan for big expansion projects. Financing such projects could be an issue but again "Where there is a will, there is a Way".
American Mallu, on Aug 17, 2010 06:56:48 PM
@american mallu. i took the picture at east fort. this is right in front of putharikandam maidan. this is at evening, when traffic is mostly high please imagine the traffic chaos at east fort also, there was space for parking inside the depot buses are parked here outside after 10 o clock when the depot stops its services (a few run after 10)
Syam Nath, on Aug 20, 2010 02:24:46 AM
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