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Lost In Thought

old woman yentha


She sits outside a house, with her legs stretched. Is she taking a break from her work? Or is she just lonely?

She watches every face that passes her; sometimes she follows the faces with her gaze. May be she is philosophizing. May be, she is imagining the story of each person that walks by.

No one around her finds it strange that she sits there. Is it her appearance or her age that takes her for granted to have a seat on the road and attract no attention? What if she was younger by 30 years and looked a little different? Would a presumably middle-class woman dare sit aside the road when her legs tire? She probably would not. She would think of a 100 things that the society may talk about before deciding to rest awhile.

But our old woman here has no such qualms. She is quite comfortable. She rests when she wants to. She doesn’t think about what people whom she never knew in life would think of her. She has much better things to muse on. She, unlike many other members of her sex, has given herself a lot more freedom of thought and action.

Posted By : Cris, On Jun 13, 2010 11:48:45 PM
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