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Man Vs Dog

stray dogs


The talk of stray dog menace has been bringing a lot of reactions from various circles. Last week, three dog bites in Kovalam Beach further increased tension with fears of a decline in the number of tourists visiting the beach. The picture of a small girl bitten by a dog in the street made a lot of people, especially parents, upset. "I have my 6-year-old daughter getting down from the school bus and walking home. The street she walks will always have at least a couple of dogs," says a panicky father, who lives in PMG. Dog-lovers and animal welfare societies may have some serious thinking to do, on coming up with a solution to meet the concerns of the people. Has it come to Man Vs Dog, from Man's Best Friend? And if it has, who will get the first preference when it comes to right to life?

Posted By : Cris, On Jan 28, 2011 11:54:24 PM
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