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Parents Galore

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Photo by Syam Nath


A scene quite common in school and college campuses, or else job fairs. Parents waiting for children writing their exams and attending their interviews. This is the campus of Sri Chitra Tirunal College of Engineering (SCT) and the children of these mothers and fathers are inside writing the IIST (Indian Institute of Science and Technology) entrance exams.

It is usual that for long trips to attend exams, job fairs or interviews, parents of children, especially girls, accompany them and wait outside for long hours in the scorching sun. Some are retired or not working. Others take leave.

This picture of the society works opposite to the one where small kids are left under the mercy of others. Bigger children - in their teens - apparently need more protection. It could be the increasing number of teen abuse happening all over the state. But if you ask many of these girls, they prefer to travel with other friends. For some, it is fun. A few like to study together. The others look plainly embarassed to travel with parents. They despise being treated like a child in front of their classmates who have been let to go by themsleves.

Some parents are over-protective and start with a volley of advices - which they make in a loud and clear voice. "No going out there alone, no buying cold drinks."
The kids turn red.

But 20 years down, one might as well catch one of these children, then parents themselves, telling her kid the same little line, in a louder and sterner voice.

Posted By : Cris, On Apr 17, 2010 01:44:48 AM
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Does this happen in other cities too? I don't think it happens in Kochi, for I have studied their all my life but never such a sight!
Srimathy Sarath, on Apr 17, 2010 12:16:49 PM
@Srimathy, it happens usually for job fairs or interviews or entrance exams for which candidates need to appear from far away. If you have been to UC college in Aluva when Shreds conducts one of its job tests, you will find a similar site
Cris, on Apr 18, 2010 01:17:43 PM
These are nothing but signs of a supposed to be much 'liberated', 'safe' and 100% literate Kerala!
Sambhu Sankar, on May 27, 2010 12:13:11 PM
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