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Revival Of Akkulam

Akulam lake being cleaned - Trivandrum, Yentha


It looks like government is keeping their promise. A high budget of Rs 30-crore had been kept aside for a project to revive Akkulam Lake and the Akkulam tourist village. It was decided that the lake would be dredged and all the waste would be disposed.

Three months after the promise the lake is being cleared, and lets hope that the protective wall and proper lighting on the sides would be the next step as promised during the budget!

Akkulam Lake is located 3 km from the Trivandrum city. Akkulam tourist village includes a Children's park, which is a major tourist attraction.  The calm place with its scenic beauty and add ons like a large swimming pool for adults and a paddle pool for children, motor-driven safari launches and powerboats, children’s park cum snack bar, will be a hotspot in the years to come.

Posted By : Sambhu Sankar, On Jun 19, 2010 07:54:53 PM
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