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Save Water, Save Electricity!

Save water, save elctricity! - My City, Yentha


‘Save water, each drop is precious'. ‘Save electricity’. These slogans are heard everywhere, but during this week, two sites in the city made me wonder why isn’t anyone bothered?

A few days back, on the way from Ambalamukku to Hindustan Latex, a street light was left on since morning. The picture above was clicked in the afternoon at around 3’oclock, when the sun was directly overhead. A pitiful site indeed!


Save water, save elctricity! - My City, Yentha


Coming to another instance, it was raining heavily yesterday. I was at the Museum from 3 pm to 5.30 pm. On my way to the Museum entrance, I found a broken tap and water leaking from it. I didn't have any clue when it began but two and half hours later when I came out, the water was still leaking. No one took any step to mend the tap. Instead, there were people who were filling water from the tap. Another pitiful site!

Posted By : Sambhu Sankar, On Jun 28, 2010 08:28:00 PM
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