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Shooting Blocks!

traffic block yentha trivandrum

Poojappura, Trivandrum: In a city where traffic blocks are a day-to-day affair, a sight like this will pose no surprise. There is a group of men and women ready with their chendas (percussion instrument) and kolu (sticks), at one end. They are waiting at the round in Poojappura to start walking when they get the signal. Is it a temple procession? Is it a band mela? No it is a film crew!

The time is 4pm, when traffic is heavy in Poojappura. Bikes and cars, buses and lorries are plunging in from all sides of the road. But, they have to wait honking horns and biting nails. For the film crew need to cross the road and finish the scene. And of course, like any other movie shot, it would take its own sweet time to finish shooting. So the group of percussionists wait for the signal from the director who sits on top of a crane. Someone must have blown a whistle for, after a long while of crowding around the Poojappura round, the group started walking. Slowly, loudly, ceremoniously.

The crew finished its 10-metre-long walk in 10 minutes. The vehicles waited, the motorists waited, the passers-by waited. Another day, another traffic block done with. The next one to come tomorrow.

Posted By : Cris, On Jun 26, 2010 03:43:37 AM
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