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Speed Cameras In Kowdiar

Automated cameras linked to speed sensors are being installed on the Vellayambalam – RajBhavan -   Kowdiar Road. The device will take snap shots of speeding  vehicles and is a welcome development at a time when records indicate that excessive speed is the major cause of accidents in this area.

Posted By : Deepa, On Jul 23, 2011 12:37:43 AM
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well, they should have left the road as it was in the beginning. Then they wouldnt have had to install the speed sensors, as no car/bike would have crossed the 40 kmph speed limit in the city. Now, only the privileged few (read ministers, police (those who have the ability and power to take law into their own hands)) will cross the speed limit and get away with it.
Rohith S, on Sep 10, 2011 03:00:38 PM
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