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Tasty, Traditional And Trendy

black pepper yenthaYou would not expect yummy traditional dishes in such a lush ambience. The air-conditioned hall is large enough to accommodate over 50 people at a time. And you always find most of the seats occupied. The Black Pepper restaurant, opposite the Modern Book Centre on the Gandhariamman Temple road boasts of authentic kuttanadan dishes. The restaurant focuses on seafood, and for right reasons too.


If it is noon, the right choice is the executive meals (Rs 125). The package comes with all the trappings of thali meals plus spicy meen kodampuly curry and meen pattichathu. Pepper fried beef and chicken curry comes as surprise complimentary dishes.


Evenings have to be enjoyed with the biriyanis, chicken, fish and mutton (Rs 100 average) served in earthen pot. The fun is to try the exclusive kuttanadan dishes you get in the evening. Fried squid or karimeen fry and Kuttanadan duck roast (for Rs 150), can be the right choice if you go for puttu. Meen peera puttu is another item you can settle on.


black pepper outer viewTharavadu chicken roast is another dish Black Pepper is famous for. It is fried chicken cooked in special roasted gravy with shallots and green chillies. Wash it down with lime juice and soft appams which come with the combo. It will set you back by Rs 110.


The Syrian beef fry is crispy enough as snack, while the sea food chappathi roll is perfect for light eats. Dosa goes Chinese to become chilly chicken dosa for a price of Rs 60. Who wants to try the Chinese items like, garlic, ginger, manchurian varieties of dishes which are also served in the restaurant when such authentic Kuttanadan food items on offer?

Posted By : Sabin, On Apr 06, 2010 02:01:32 PM
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