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To Litter Or Not To Litter


Photo By Hari Shanker


Pretty obvious, you'd think, reading the warning. "Dumping waste here is punishable - Secretary, Trivandrum Corporation."


Not so obvious, apparently. You can see plastic bottles and other discarded items lying pretty close to the board. There is nothing more to add than the message that the image gives. People have always taken an indifferent stand on littering in the city. They don't have any intention of changing that, not with the help of warning boards anyway.


On the other hand, there may have been a number of people who stopped themselves from littering at this spot. The question is, if they took it to another public spot which did not come with such boards. Likely.


There have been varied stances on the helmet-rule. Some say imposing fines have at least led everyone to follow the rule, regardless of whether they do it showering curses or not. Some others say using force is never the right way to get people to follow rules. We do have rules in place - and fines for littering. But it is not implemented strictly. So, will strict imposing of fines on those who litter at public places be a good idea or not? What is your take on it?

Posted By : Cris, On Aug 14, 2010 11:59:21 PM
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Strict imposing of fines should be implemented on those who litter, provided the authorities make sure that there are proper arrangements for the public to dump the litter; for eg: placing more waste bins, espacially at tourist spots. No one will bother to go around the whole place in search of a waste bin to dump a plastic bottle, like my friend & i did once. Obviously, we heard someone say pointing at us "AVANMAARKKU VATTU"!!!
AL, on Aug 20, 2010 01:17:31 AM
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