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Vehicles, Halt! It's Rally Time!

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The busiest of roads in Trivandrum - Palayam. A herd of vehicles have come to a halt at the turning opposite to the Chandrashekar Nair stadium. It is noon. Some are returning to office after lunch, some are going home. But everyone has to wait awhile. There is a procession going on. A huge line of people need to pass before they can turn their keys again.

Kerala Vishwakarma Sabha decided to take out their march in broad daylight blocking the way to those unlucky ones who chose a really wrong time of the day to take this route. The protestors are raising slogans, demanding power for them in the upcoming elections. "It is called Rashtreeya Adikara Munnetta Rally. We want to prove our strength," says one of the protestors.

To the few who decide to use the small space left at the side of the road, no mercy is shown. The marchers are ordered to cover the entire ground leaving no space for any vehicle to go by.

A good fifteen minutes of the day is wasted for one lot of the people, while another lot try to prove their might.

Posted By : Cris, On Jul 28, 2010 03:12:15 PM
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