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Why do citizens subject themselves to such risks?

This was taken at Kowdiar Junction on 21 Feb, 2014. This happens every day. The traffic cop watches this every day. The cameras at the junction captures this every day without fail. But no action is taken.

On the other hand, why blame the authorities. Why can't the common man / woman be more sensible and use the zebra crossing to cross the road? Are we waiting for something terrible to unfold before we take some action. If it is happening at Kowdiar, one can be sure such things are happening at other places in the city/state too !!!

Posted By : Yentha, On Feb 22, 2014 12:56:16 AM
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Please watch the movie called 'Idiocracy'. The average IQ of the human beings on this planet is coming down - and if a few of them reach heaven or hell a bit earlier with some help from our KSRTC buses, then it would mildly increase the average IQ.
The Dark Ugly Rough Skinned Keralite, on Feb 25, 2014 10:23:59 PM
Some people only learn the hard way. We in kerala are over-educated and think all we do is perfect whereas it is total foolishness.
Mallu, on Mar 05, 2014 07:42:27 AM
Pedestrians contribution to accidents is in no small measure. After seeing the photo, it is re affirmed. Would like to narrate an incident. I waited near Pazhavangady Ganapathy temple signal to go towards Central theater road. After traffic policeman's clearanace, I proceeded. Just at the entry to Central theater road, two pedestrians darted across in front of my vehicle. I panic-braked and avoided hitting them. Asked them "can you not see the signal / traffic policeman's signal?". You know the reply I got? "Ningalude vandiyilu brake illey? (Don't you have brake in your car?). With such enlightened citizens,no wonder accidents keep on increasing
Balaji, on Mar 23, 2014 06:04:07 PM
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