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Foot paths for pedestrians in cochin
As a pedestrian , its too difficult to commute in cochin mainly near bye pass area. Crossing the roads is becoming hectic the beautifying of medians and the non availabilty of underpasses are making the pedestrians very difficult to cross the roads. The pacing of vehicles even through the narrow roads just like a hit and run sequencing is the attitude of those who drive 2,3 or 4 or more wheel vehicles..
  Topic Created by : Jose Davis On Jul 09, 2016
Horrible Attitude of Waste Disposal in Cochin
To dwel in Cochin is becoming hectic especially for ordinary people .. roads are highly risky for pedestrians ... when you come to waste disposal utter pandemonium is there arrogance of the people who come to collect the waste are becoming hectic they just shout at us on late disposals ...we are paying them and we have to hear their nasty words are quite disgusting more over they come will other coupons and distribute to us to grab money.
  Topic Created by : Jose Davis On Nov 07, 2015
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Rail Budget
Why are politicians getting excited by the fact that Kerala has been ignored. If these people can do well in their jobs, the citizens in the state would be happy. As most put it, this is a realistic budget and let's be happy about it. Let's not whine.

1 Comment    Topic Created by : George Paul On Feb 27, 2015
Do we Need Separate Schools / Colleges / Banks?
Do we Need Separate Schools / Colleges / Banks for Ladies?

  Topic Created by : Dr A CHAKRAVARTHY On Sep 06, 2014
Case against1000+ who viewed Bachelor Party on net
Anti Piracy Cell should give proper awareness on the illegalities of Cyber Space to the common man before making a legal action on them,mere ad posting on electronic media doesn't count for the awareness it could make an initial cast on the public but a detailed awareness program should be given to the public regarding the piracy and the consequences they have to face on this regard.After giving a proper awareness on this regard if they are taking a legal action then it could be counted.Also inviting some one to do an offence is also a serious crime.

3 Comments    Topic Created by : Jose Davis On Sep 10, 2012
Politicians – Are they up to a system of Anarchy,
Are we moving back to past not future , what these political parties are up to , are they making democracy worse ,every common man has an insight which could never be towards any political party ,Democracy got derailed and anarchy is prevailing ,poorest are becoming poor hapless are becoming hapless ,victims are slaughtered once again owing to the negligence posed . Apartheid still prevails in certain areas of our own beloved Kerala, giving its tile apt Gods Own Country, terrible outlook, Officials cant make a move, injustice happening more or less in all areas, survival of the fittest is coming up that is “jungle rule” is on...In the near future we could see civilised cannibals. The Creator alone knows the end result.....

  Topic Created by : Jose Davis On May 30, 2012
East Fort Strech A Dreaded Area for Pedestrians
No One to regulate traffic and other clogging in East Fort Area on Sundays ,The stretch's irregularity in vehicle parking and the continuous flow of heavy vehicles keeps pedestrians to wait a long time to cross the roads,It's quite astonishing to see heavy vehicles being parked on the roadways as some are finding it difficult to disembark.Hope that our authorities will give a thought for this and enable a smooth stretch in the near future....

1 Comment    Topic Created by : Jose Davis On May 27, 2012
NPR (National Population Register)-Another chaos i
Had a tough time pacing around for UID, now another biometric collection for NPR , I don’t know why the authorities have a single platform for this.......Making the public suffer ...... this is a serious crime.....Do comment your views on this..............

2 Comments    Topic Created by : Jose Davis On Jan 13, 2012
Are you fed up with the garbage removal issue?
The garbage removal issue has been raging on for weeks now with no long-term solution in view. Frustration is mounting among residents of Trivandrum who are increasingly finding it difficult to dispose of the accumulating waste in their houses and apartments. What is your take on this issue? Share your views and opinions with Yentha.

9 Comments    Topic Created by : Sree Priya On Dec 27, 2011
Chengalchoola Slum - Baker - The Present State?
Has Baker's Architecture done any good to the community living there?

2 Comments    Topic Created by : Godly K Sunny On Oct 20, 2011
Real Self of Dhoni
When Ganguly captioned the team, he brought in several youngsters like Veeru, Yuvi, Bhaji, and they played a key role in helping the team win two world cups. But Dhoni hasn’t till date brought in any such youngsters to the team. Ganguly set up a platform where Dhoni performed well and sadly we only identify the people who perform and not the guys who struggled to build the stage.Was Dhoni just performing on a stage setup by Dada?

2 Comments    Topic Created by : Sid On Aug 27, 2011
Corruption at high places
The current news that many political leaders and ministers spent Rs. 50 lakhs or more to get their kid’s admission to medical colleges. This is only tip of an iceberg. Hundreds of politicians spent amounts (in lakhs) for admission in engineering colleges, nursing schools, IIM’s . But it is better to know the source of income of these people, whether it is their family property, business or partnership or honorariums or pension?? . Eye brows were raised when Dr. Shashi Tharoor’s pension from UN was revealed. Little did common man know how the people who are expected to work for poverty alleviation remove their own poverty?

1 Comment    Topic Created by : Prof(Dr) Ramakumar V On Jun 11, 2011
Environment Day
On environment day review our SEZ and techno parks that destroy farm land. Use only waste land for industry. Use flyovers erected on Pillars to minimize land acquisition for express ways. Prevent slums and affluence around factories.

  Topic Created by : Prof(Dr) Ramakumar V On Jun 05, 2011
Mahatma Gandhi is known to have commented on the positive side of radicals who suggested armed revolution for independence ‘Terrorists are sincere people who unfortunately have to leave the surface of earth in a tragic manner without achieving anything. The leaders select them from among the most sincere and vibrant youth who can stand erect and talk without looking at the face. They motivate them and use them. Leaders who drive them live on to compromise and take over power negotiate and achieve their personal goals. This has often been the curse of hasty democracy where leaders operate, on personal projection or protégé projection. History of war is associated with the history of the leaders. But history of peace is the history of the people. Gandhiji is often described as a dreaming ideological fool. Gandhiji was dreamer who dreamt of ‘Ramarajya’ His Rama was not a Hindu god but a leader who lived and died for his people. He thought more of his people than himself. He worked tow

  Topic Created by : Prof(Dr) Ramakumar V On Apr 22, 2011
Can MILMA emulate KMF (Karnataka Milk Federation)
The query is that whether MILMA could initiate an e-sale venture as KMF (Nandini dairy products) with its online buy option. Put your views on this.

1 Comment    Topic Created by : Jose Davis On Apr 22, 2011
Mess about WC Trophy
It was a shock to hear that the trophy we have raised proudly after winning the world tournament in the recently held ICC WC was just a dummy, and the original was seized by the customs for not paying the duty. Even though ICC denied the scandal, still it remains suspicious on certain matters, 1. An official has said that the winners will always awarded with a replica of the world cup trophy and so it is, immediately after the scandal came out through media, but it was not the truth when comparing the photographs of the previous presentation ceremony. 2. ICC said officially that the one with Mumbai customs is just a dummy and awarded was the original, but a question remains that whether just a dummy will carry a customs duty of Rs.15 lakhs? and 3. Why the ICC logo is missing from the trophy presented to the champions where it was there in the entire previous ICC WC trophy. Whether it is true or false that we have awarded a dummy, this mess will remain as a pain in he heart of Indian fa

  Topic Created by : Joshy Wills J E On Apr 05, 2011
Population of India
The news is out that India’s population is exploding!!!!! Population rise is an indication of positive human development. The Major reasons for steep rise in population are longer life expectancy and low infant mortality. Politicians get tense as their responsibility to provide equitable benefits to may also increase. India’s major problems areas are Power (shortage) and (surplus) Population. Our political policies are for focused on providing subsidies and employment to population. Economic development and Human development can go hand in hand if we plan to convert our population into power in every sphere of our development. It is time we discuss “Gandhiji’s” production by the masses in place of mass production (rather than wasting columns, time and energy on his bisexuality)

  Topic Created by : Prof(Dr) Ramakumar V On Apr 01, 2011
Make your choice of  sustainable energy
Protagonists of hi-tech energy sources consistently criticize renewable energy like solar, wind, geothermal as “expensive, inefficient pipe dreams”. Report says that in Fukushima (Japan) accident would continue to spew radioactive material turning over 20 miles in diameter of populated area into a quarantine zone for years to come. The oil spill last year in the U.S. killed 11 involving hundreds of billions of dollars in damages, including cleanup costs as well as revenue and jobs lost (include losses in tourism and fishing sector). Twenty-nine died in West Virginia last year after a methane buildup in the coal mine. 29 coal miners died in New Zealand last November. Recently 45 died in a coal mining accident in Pakistan. Investigations prove that such accidents are the result of human error or neglect. The drying oil and coal sources force humanity to send employees and equipment with even state-of-the-art technology into extreme environments as deep as 35,000 feet under water. These e

2 Comments    Topic Created by : Prof(Dr) Ramakumar V On Mar 26, 2011
Ballad of the Waves - A Gopakumar Film
Watch this movie. This is a gopakumar movie. Part 1: Part 2:

  Topic Created by : Sandeep Menon On Mar 19, 2011
Men In Blue should show little more PATRIOTISM.
A sports team which plays in international level are the ambassadors of the nation, when it is about our cricket team the expectations are sky high. The whole nation despite of the age group are fans and imitators of the cricketers, we are a country where cricket is like a religion. So what I'm trying to express is, the behavior of the team should be descent in front of the public, the photograph with this (apology for the poor quality) shows the way they stands when the national anthem being sung before the match, I noticed it especially on sunday's world cup match against England, we learn from the even KG, to be in attention when you hear the national anthem being sung, that is the respect we should give to our motherland, but our cricket team when taking part in an international match, standing like as if they are waiting in a queue to take cinema casual some one even stands at ease(not the whole team)..When they are representing the country they should have follow so

2 Comments    Topic Created by : Joshy Wills J E On Feb 28, 2011
Death of the innocent children
The tragic death of the innocent children riding happily to kindergarten touched. Mishaps are more regular than occasional and the media boom the tragedy received would soon end as other priorities like leaders, scams, rallies supervene. The social role of media is to influence the ‘mind set’ of the community by a regular follow-up. Strict rules on issuing driving license, strengthening the road, erecting a retention wall are good, but none seems to be touching the realities on the ground. It is not the first time that “Parvathy puthanaar” is discussed. It is one of the most scientific and environment friendly water way made by the Maharaja of Travancore. If the community has not maintained it in spite of the fact that Kerala is the first state to implement decentralization as per the 73rd amendment constitution, can we blame the poor Maharaja? I beg to submit,- 1. Let there be mass effort to clean the entire canal as a tribute the innocent lives lost. Let JCB owners, tipper owners a

2 Comments    Topic Created by : Prof(Dr) Ramakumar V On Feb 19, 2011
CFL lamps the RISK factor
It is very common the usage of CFL lamps now a days, even government started promoting the use of the same omitting the use of the old incandescent bulbs.It is a fact that the CFL lamps using mercury in it, as we know it is a toxic substance.Tt doesn't make any danger when the bulb is being used, but it will be released if the bulb is broken or if disposed incorrectly. Expert says that these bulbs need to be disposed off very carefully. But no one here speaks about the safe disposal of CFL lamps nor the government and not the vendor, there is no advertisement seen in TV even to educate on this. I felt this as a serious issue that we are going to face in recent future, so please respond if anyone know about this...

1 Comment    Topic Created by : Joshy Wills J E On Feb 18, 2011
Stray dogs or street dogs
There is a tendency to consider stray dogs as pests or a source of inconvenience by some. While each citizen has the right to choose her/ his preferences and priorities, one must also consider the ill effects of uncontrolled breeding. A pair of dogs can generate more than 300 offspring in three years. Irresponsible ownership being one of major reason for increased number of dogs in the streets need also be considered. The positive role played by stray dogs their ‘role in sustaining a harmony among Man, Animal & Nature (M.A.N.).is often not discussed. ? Stray dogs clean up bio-waste that attract rats, rodents and flies 40-60% of our waste remain or dumped on the road side. ? Thus stray dogs prevent decay of waste and control spread of disease, stench& pollution. ? Stray dogs prowling (more) at night limit rats and large rodents from coming over ground feed and breed. ? Rat urine is a major source that spread rat fever. ? Rats are also estimated to destroy up to 35% of our stored

3 Comments    Topic Created by : Prof(Dr) Ramakumar V On Feb 13, 2011
Means of transport for late commuters
The introduction of Low Floor Buses to our city is an act of appreciation to our Transport Department and the concerned officials .Hats Off to KSRTC .I would like to make a point at this juncture as to kindly find a new package for late commuters, also introduce some of the luxury type buses for long distance inter-district travels to promote tourism as well as to enhance the transport culture. Kindly put your views on this.

1 Comment    Topic Created by : Jose Davis On Jan 12, 2011
politicians against TVM
people in Cochin wants to have a cricket stadium of their own.They are fighting for it.What about tvm?Don't we want one?They are taking everything to Cochin.we elected so many leaders.What are they doing?Manorama is strong for Cochin.They dont want TVM to grow up.People of TVM....rise up...So many developments have to come.They doesn't do it.We have to respond...

  Topic Created by : Rajesh Mohan On Dec 21, 2010
Thiruvatankur Bank
State Bank of Travancore one of the oldest banks from Keral now making people fools They are now cutting Rs226 for not maintaing an average Quarterly balance of Rs.1000 with cheque book Facility .On the other hand Corporation Bank Base Karnataka Are only deducting Rs 75 with mininum Balance Rs 500 for their SB account with cheque Book facility Dear friends while enquiry one of the personnel in sbt told me that " u Know private Banks like icici and hdfc are cutting around Rs 500 for such incidents It is very shameful for comparing sbt with these banks dear friends pls comment on this

  Topic Created by : Manoj S S On Dec 03, 2010
Mercury Pollution and use of CFL
Mercury Pollution and use of CFL Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are energy efficient; but there have also been health concerns raised recently about CFL use. All CFLs contain mercury as it is currently an essential component of the lamps. Currently there are no alternative lighting devices that are as energy efficient as CFLs. The best option remains selecting low mercury, long-life lamps and disposing end-of-life lamps properly. Used CFLs must be handled carefully to ensure that they do not break or implode and release mercury. CFLs should be left intact because of the dangers associated with mercury vapours, glass shards and dust. Mercury gets into atmospheric environment from many sources. Glass thermometers and dental fillings have become almost negligible. But fluorescent lights – normal tube lights and Compact lamps (CFLs) promoted as important energy conservation tools for lighting are argued to cause lesser mercury pollution than from equivalent energy of the incandescent b

  Topic Created by : Prof(Dr) Ramakumar V On Nov 22, 2010
HAPPY DIWALI IS JUST OVER!!! Though related with mythical stories, in different regions Diwali is essentially a post harvest festival, a time when there is prosperity and plenty after a year long toil. DHAN TERRAH is a customary celebration of the northern India before Diwali. Dhan means wealth, but it is not just cash, jewellery or property, but peace, happiness & health for you & for your family. In other words physical and emotional health. HEALTH AND WELLNESS of the community depends on the harmony among man, animal and nature (M.A.N). While the impact of Modern Production systems is yet to be scientifically evaluated on a region to region basis, conventional systems is claimed to be TIIME TESTED. But today we have to re-test them for sustainability, biodiversity, carbon credit (or carbon clearance rate) and modify them as per the change in life style and equitable benefit to community at micro-level. While man celebrates “Diwali” with fire works and flash lights, there are a nu

  Topic Created by : Prof(Dr) Ramakumar V On Nov 06, 2010
Selling Gas Stove Accessories
Have anyone experienced this? as some women step into your kitchen claiming that they are from BP and Indane, checking your cooking gas stoves, giving tit bits on the rubber tube and other parts of the stove and eventually pesters the housewives to buy certain products such as gas savers and brushes to clean stove wicks making them believe that these items are compulsory to buy or else cooking gas will not be supplied by the concerned agencies, Are they genuine? Or whether they are fooling the housewives.Kindly post your comments with experiences any.

3 Comments    Topic Created by : Jose Davis On Oct 22, 2010
A movie review Column in
Its good to have a movie review column where the registered members can post comments and reviews about the new movies.

  Topic Created by : Praveen P R Nair On Oct 19, 2010
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