Can MILMA emulate KMF (Karnataka Milk Federation)
The query is that whether MILMA could initiate an e-sale venture as KMF (Nandini dairy products) with its online buy option. Put your views on this.
Topic Created by : Jose Davis On Apr 22, 2011  

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No, never!!! MILMA has no demand constraint for which it has to build new customer base. Second, it does not have milk to sell. It neither helps the milk producer, nor the consumer. So why should they care? We will buy any whitner in the name of milk. MILMA is fast becomming a role model for any one who can manufacture and supply milk without dairy animals. People get the service they deserve. We need flats air-conditioners and Technoparks. Food we shall buy from Karnataka or Tamil nadu with the money that our kin send from gulf (Till when ???)

Commented by : Prof(Dr) Ramakumar V On Apr 25, 2011   
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