Case against1000+ who viewed Bachelor Party on net
Anti Piracy Cell should give proper awareness on the illegalities of Cyber Space to the common man before making a legal action on them,mere ad posting on electronic media doesn't count for the awareness it could make an initial cast on the public but a detailed awareness program should be given to the public regarding the piracy and the consequences they have to face on this regard.After giving a proper awareness on this regard if they are taking a legal action then it could be counted.Also inviting some one to do an offence is also a serious crime.
Topic Created by : Jose Davis On Sep 10, 2012  

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Torrent uploads are downloaded & watched by most viewers...should that site be banned..?? The movie producers should prevent this by protecting their CD/DVD. There are a couple of companies doing this job in Kerala. The producers should prevent copying rather than trying to cure...

Commented by : Nalini On Nov 06, 2012   
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The huge money and labour spend for anti piracy cell is to be charged from the producers of this cinema. Common man's tax money should not be spend for a selected few. Govt doesn't have money for ration subsidy or Gas subsidy....

Commented by : Harikumar On Sep 25, 2012   
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well...its a very messy situation...for most of the people booked for those 1000+ people...but what about these directors who copy from other languages with out buying copyrights and just making a movie out of it??? isnt that also a breach of law? can some1 tell me ...did the director of bp have copyrights to many movies he made??? if he doesnt have copyrights to the above said movies...shouldnt he be also tried for copying with out permission.

Commented by : Kapil Sreedhar On Sep 13, 2012   
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