CFL lamps the RISK factor
It is very common the usage of CFL lamps now a days, even government started promoting the use of the same omitting the use of the old incandescent bulbs.It is a fact that the CFL lamps using mercury in it, as we know it is a toxic substance.Tt doesn't make any danger when the bulb is being used, but it will be released if the bulb is broken or if disposed incorrectly. Expert says that these bulbs need to be disposed off very carefully. But no one here speaks about the safe disposal of CFL lamps nor the government and not the vendor, there is no advertisement seen in TV even to educate on this. I felt this as a serious issue that we are going to face in recent future, so please respond if anyone know about this...
Topic Created by : Joshy Wills J E On Feb 18, 2011  

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you are spot on the real cause...its a very big issue...i have the same worry...i can manage my bio degradable kitchen waste...for now i can burn we hane no other option but who do we dispose of electronic waste? i feel it should be the responsibility of the company which sells the cfl to take it back and recycle...

Commented by : Kapil Sreedhar On Sep 14, 2012   
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