Chengalchoola Slum - Baker - The Present State?
Has Baker's Architecture done any good to the community living there?
Topic Created by : Godly K Sunny On Oct 20, 2011  

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Godly K Sunny you can surely get better idea by visiting the colony itself and asking the people there...

Commented by : Kapil Sreedhar On Sep 13, 2012   
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The content inside the word doc is- Baker’s Architecture – The Social Effect and the buildings as a solution - Chengalchoola Slum ? Whom did/does it cater to? ? What was the subsequent effect? ? Has it by and large helped the community? - Including housing - and most importantly a ray of hope - A reason / place to aspire for the better. ? What is the present state? I have little or no information in this regard, I wish to look at Laurie’s Works – their effects, because I guess his style has been talked about much more than - the subsequent social effects revolving his works. I want to study all these points. Your thoughts/ info on this would be really required.

Commented by : Godly K Sunny On Oct 20, 2011   
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