Corruption at high places
The current news that many political leaders and ministers spent Rs. 50 lakhs or more to get their kid’s admission to medical colleges. This is only tip of an iceberg. Hundreds of politicians spent amounts (in lakhs) for admission in engineering colleges, nursing schools, IIM’s . But it is better to know the source of income of these people, whether it is their family property, business or partnership or honorariums or pension?? . Eye brows were raised when Dr. Shashi Tharoor’s pension from UN was revealed. Little did common man know how the people who are expected to work for poverty alleviation remove their own poverty?
Topic Created by : Prof(Dr) Ramakumar V On Jun 11, 2011  

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sir what was the pension of mr tharoor? corruption is the root of many evil in our society and i will fight to see it eliminated.

Commented by : Kapil Sreedhar On Sep 13, 2012   
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