Death of the innocent children
The tragic death of the innocent children riding happily to kindergarten touched. Mishaps are more regular than occasional and the media boom the tragedy received would soon end as other priorities like leaders, scams, rallies supervene. The social role of media is to influence the ‘mind set’ of the community by a regular follow-up. Strict rules on issuing driving license, strengthening the road, erecting a retention wall are good, but none seems to be touching the realities on the ground. It is not the first time that “Parvathy puthanaar” is discussed. It is one of the most scientific and environment friendly water way made by the Maharaja of Travancore. If the community has not maintained it in spite of the fact that Kerala is the first state to implement decentralization as per the 73rd amendment constitution, can we blame the poor Maharaja? I beg to submit,- 1. Let there be mass effort to clean the entire canal as a tribute the innocent lives lost. Let JCB owners, tipper owners a
Topic Created by : Prof(Dr) Ramakumar V On Feb 19, 2011  

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well sir, u said it, but it is high time to change our thought and behaviour according to situations..

Commented by : Murukan Ambika Viswanathan On Feb 22, 2011   
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The school management who appointed the in experienced driver was responsible for the tragedy. A 19 year old driver means only 1 year of driving experience and obviously with out a badge...then how can he drive a passenger vehicle? or if it was a private vehicle how can it run for the school? is there law in this land?

Commented by : Joshy Wills J E On Feb 22, 2011   
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