Mahatma Gandhi is known to have commented on the positive side of radicals who suggested armed revolution for independence ‘Terrorists are sincere people who unfortunately have to leave the surface of earth in a tragic manner without achieving anything. The leaders select them from among the most sincere and vibrant youth who can stand erect and talk without looking at the face. They motivate them and use them. Leaders who drive them live on to compromise and take over power negotiate and achieve their personal goals. This has often been the curse of hasty democracy where leaders operate, on personal projection or protégé projection. History of war is associated with the history of the leaders. But history of peace is the history of the people. Gandhiji is often described as a dreaming ideological fool. Gandhiji was dreamer who dreamt of ‘Ramarajya’ His Rama was not a Hindu god but a leader who lived and died for his people. He thought more of his people than himself. He worked tow
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