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Protagonists of hi-tech energy sources consistently criticize renewable energy like solar, wind, geothermal as “expensive, inefficient pipe dreams”. Report says that in Fukushima (Japan) accident would continue to spew radioactive material turning over 20 miles in diameter of populated area into a quarantine zone for years to come. The oil spill last year in the U.S. killed 11 involving hundreds of billions of dollars in damages, including cleanup costs as well as revenue and jobs lost (include losses in tourism and fishing sector). Twenty-nine died in West Virginia last year after a methane buildup in the coal mine. 29 coal miners died in New Zealand last November. Recently 45 died in a coal mining accident in Pakistan. Investigations prove that such accidents are the result of human error or neglect. The drying oil and coal sources force humanity to send employees and equipment with even state-of-the-art technology into extreme environments as deep as 35,000 feet under water. These e
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sir i am planning 2 have solar pv to power my home...

Commented by : Kapil Sreedhar On Sep 14, 2012   
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Are We Disposing of Nuclear Waste Safely? Radioactive waste is a waste product containing radioactive material. Usually the product of a nuclear process such as fission, though industries not directly connected to the nuclear power industry may also produce quantities of radioactive waste. The majority of radioactive waste is "low-level waste", meaning it contains low levels of radioactivity per mass or volume. Most countries are considerably ahead of the United States in developing plans for high level radioactive waste disposal. Sweden and Finland are further ahead in committing to a particular disposal technology, while many others reprocess spent fuel or contract with France or Great Britain to do it, taking back the resulting plutonium and high-level waste. A white paper takes a look at radioactive waste management, the storage options for various levels of radioactive waste and of course, what can be done in the future about storing and disposing of radioactive waste in a safe manner.

Commented by : Prof(Dr) Ramakumar V On Apr 06, 2011   
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