Men In Blue should show little more PATRIOTISM.
A sports team which plays in international level are the ambassadors of the nation, when it is about our cricket team the expectations are sky high. The whole nation despite of the age group are fans and imitators of the cricketers, we are a country where cricket is like a religion. So what I'm trying to express is, the behavior of the team should be descent in front of the public, the photograph with this (apology for the poor quality) shows the way they stands when the national anthem being sung before the match, I noticed it especially on sunday's world cup match against England, we learn from the even KG, to be in attention when you hear the national anthem being sung, that is the respect we should give to our motherland, but our cricket team when taking part in an international match, standing like as if they are waiting in a queue to take cinema casual some one even stands at ease(not the whole team)..When they are representing the country they should have follow so
Topic Created by : Joshy Wills J E On Feb 28, 2011  

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A sports team when participating in an international event represents the nation, they are players but that time when they are in ground they are not individuals but representatives of the country...when the whole world watching them it is the duty of them to show the Indian culture, just imagine the scene when all of them in attention and least moving their lips according to the beautiful it may be...even the children will get the message that my favorite cricketer is standing in attention while the national anthem being played and me to do that...

Commented by : Joshy Wills J E On Mar 02, 2011   
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did u seriously think they were playing for the country?

Commented by : Alakananda On Mar 01, 2011   
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