Mercury Pollution and use of CFL
Mercury Pollution and use of CFL Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are energy efficient; but there have also been health concerns raised recently about CFL use. All CFLs contain mercury as it is currently an essential component of the lamps. Currently there are no alternative lighting devices that are as energy efficient as CFLs. The best option remains selecting low mercury, long-life lamps and disposing end-of-life lamps properly. Used CFLs must be handled carefully to ensure that they do not break or implode and release mercury. CFLs should be left intact because of the dangers associated with mercury vapours, glass shards and dust. Mercury gets into atmospheric environment from many sources. Glass thermometers and dental fillings have become almost negligible. But fluorescent lights – normal tube lights and Compact lamps (CFLs) promoted as important energy conservation tools for lighting are argued to cause lesser mercury pollution than from equivalent energy of the incandescent b
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