Mess about WC Trophy
It was a shock to hear that the trophy we have raised proudly after winning the world tournament in the recently held ICC WC was just a dummy, and the original was seized by the customs for not paying the duty. Even though ICC denied the scandal, still it remains suspicious on certain matters, 1. An official has said that the winners will always awarded with a replica of the world cup trophy and so it is, immediately after the scandal came out through media, but it was not the truth when comparing the photographs of the previous presentation ceremony. 2. ICC said officially that the one with Mumbai customs is just a dummy and awarded was the original, but a question remains that whether just a dummy will carry a customs duty of Rs.15 lakhs? and 3. Why the ICC logo is missing from the trophy presented to the champions where it was there in the entire previous ICC WC trophy. Whether it is true or false that we have awarded a dummy, this mess will remain as a pain in he heart of Indian fa
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