NPR (National Population Register)-Another chaos i
Had a tough time pacing around for UID, now another biometric collection for NPR , I don’t know why the authorities have a single platform for this.......Making the public suffer ...... this is a serious crime.....Do comment your views on this..............
Topic Created by : Jose Davis On Jan 13, 2012  

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I agree with you completely. Apparently the registrations have started yet again. This is going to be another project which will soon become a white elephant ... there are enough loopholes for people to take advantage. I wonder what will happen to all the data that is collected ... imagine if the data lands up in the wrong hands ... God save us!

Commented by : Ramakrishnan S On Mar 06, 2012   
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What I meant was why the authorities don't have a unique platform for the bio metric collection...they are repeating the process and creating chaos,The crowd in front of the allotted centers is a horrible visualization.....

Commented by : Jose Davis On Jan 13, 2012   
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