Real Self of Dhoni
When Ganguly captioned the team, he brought in several youngsters like Veeru, Yuvi, Bhaji, and they played a key role in helping the team win two world cups. But Dhoni hasn’t till date brought in any such youngsters to the team. Ganguly set up a platform where Dhoni performed well and sadly we only identify the people who perform and not the guys who struggled to build the stage.Was Dhoni just performing on a stage setup by Dada?
Topic Created by : Sid On Aug 27, 2011  

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Hey, I agree that MSD has underperformed in recent times. But that is in no way, a ticket for someone to start criticizing. With all due respect to DADA, let me tell you my friend, that taking over from someone who has set up a platform is no simple task. Dhoni deserves due credit for what his role in moulding the team into a bunch of mmatch winners. Agree that its no perfect team!, but remember the SIXER he hit just 5 months back, which gave us our World Cup. The media has praised MSD to the skies, but its the same media that's running the blame game for the poor run in England, and the people are just swept away by the intense reporting, that they quickly forget the fact that he was the guy who brought us allthat glory, not to mention the WC - not too long ago.

Commented by : Sailesh On Sep 23, 2011   
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You are quite right.Dhoni is taking credit for all the hard work put in by Ganguly.Dhoni is partly media hype , no doubt he had quality in him but the media blew him up to be a superman, his ego will blow up some time.Selecting promising young players ,training & encouraging them takes a lot of effort & patience.

Commented by : Nalini On Sep 03, 2011   
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