Rubber Marketing
Many of the co-operative societies for the purchase of Natural Rubber from the farmers are under the controll of Political Parties. Non of them are not displaying sample sheets/price. The purchase grade and selling grade are not the same.
Topic Created by : Chandrasekharan Nair On Jul 20, 2010  

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Dear Small Growers , I believe our problem is unique compared to big growers. Since our production quantity is meagre the overheads ie. handling + transporting + warehousing charges are higher. Therefore the co-op societies or dealers take our stock only at a discount. If we have to get higher prices we have to pool our stocks and sell when there is sufficient qty. for a lorry load. (12 - 15 ton) - After all union is strength ! Even in the case of rubber growers..

Commented by : Krishna Kumar On Aug 31, 2010   
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