Selling Gas Stove Accessories
Have anyone experienced this? as some women step into your kitchen claiming that they are from BP and Indane, checking your cooking gas stoves, giving tit bits on the rubber tube and other parts of the stove and eventually pesters the housewives to buy certain products such as gas savers and brushes to clean stove wicks making them believe that these items are compulsory to buy or else cooking gas will not be supplied by the concerned agencies, Are they genuine? Or whether they are fooling the housewives.Kindly post your comments with experiences any.
Topic Created by : Jose Davis On Oct 22, 2010  

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@Rajesh.K.V,thanks for the comment,this type of issues need attention.

Commented by : Jose Davis On Oct 28, 2010   
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At a friend's place in Tiruvalla, thanks to a new gas tube, the whole thing blew up one night. Taking the entire kitchen with it. Luckily his old parents, fast asleep, escaped unhurt. It was caused by a spark thanks to an imaginative refrigerator. Good topic Jose.

Commented by : Rajesh K V On Oct 26, 2010   
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I don't know why they want to sell these products by fake/false images.It's quite painful and disastrous in a society point of view.

Commented by : Jose Davis On Oct 22, 2010   
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