Stray dogs or street dogs
There is a tendency to consider stray dogs as pests or a source of inconvenience by some. While each citizen has the right to choose her/ his preferences and priorities, one must also consider the ill effects of uncontrolled breeding. A pair of dogs can generate more than 300 offspring in three years. Irresponsible ownership being one of major reason for increased number of dogs in the streets need also be considered. The positive role played by stray dogs their ‘role in sustaining a harmony among Man, Animal & Nature (M.A.N.).is often not discussed. ? Stray dogs clean up bio-waste that attract rats, rodents and flies 40-60% of our waste remain or dumped on the road side. ? Thus stray dogs prevent decay of waste and control spread of disease, stench& pollution. ? Stray dogs prowling (more) at night limit rats and large rodents from coming over ground feed and breed. ? Rat urine is a major source that spread rat fever. ? Rats are also estimated to destroy up to 35% of our stored
Topic Created by : Prof(Dr) Ramakumar V On Feb 13, 2011  

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we have seen many examples that when ever government or concern departments start some measures like pest control, control of stray dog population, all are seen only for the name mentioned in the previous comment if u start killing dogs of one area it will migrate from other area...the solution is to continue the process foe some time and in vast area so that it will be sure not to breed much. Now in Trivandrum city the major junctions after 10 O' clock is under the control of stray dogs.. you can see minimum of 10 dogs in each junction..this is actually a very serious issue that authorities given lesser importance..or some body is blocking the action somewhere..

Commented by : Joshy Wills J E On Feb 18, 2011   
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Mass killing of dogs as a population control measure started during the British rule in India in the 19th Century. It was continued (up to 50,000 dogs killed every year) by the municipal authorities all over India. By 1993, it was admitted that dog population had increased and incidence of Rabies remained high, proving the step to be ineffective. This is because when dogs are killed in large numbers, the following things happen: • Dogs are territorial and each one lives in its own specific area. But when the dogs are removed, attract dogs from neighboring areas to vacant territories • The food source–garbage & household surplus–available in abundance help them feed & breed • Pups born and growing up in the surrounding areas also move in to occupy the vacant niche. • Since dogs are not sterilized or vaccinated, all the dogs who escape capture continue to mate, increasing dog population and opportunity for rabies. Stray dogs breed at a very high rate (two litters of pups a year). It is estimated that two dogs can multiply to over 300 in three years Migrant dogs from rural and peri-urban territories have more frequent opportunity to be in contact with reservoir animals and are more unfriendly.

Commented by : Prof(Dr) Ramakumar V On Feb 17, 2011   
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There is a law in this land to protect every animal except human being, even some one tried to cut down a tree that creates disturbance there will be a huge protest, there some one who lives only for this.. they don't want to know poor peoples problems, same is the problem in this case also, there are many to help and protect the street dogs, but nobody is there to help someone got attacked by the same street dog.. the fear that comes when you are being chased by a street dog when you walk down a street in midnight...that will get understand by them only who faced such a situation..those who sit and travel at AC car may not be able to understand all these...they can feed and protect stray dogs ...nothing for them to lose...we and our precious children will run over the street to escape from the stray dogs...and they all give speeches in AC hall and write poetry against the inhuman act towards the stray dogs...

Commented by : Joshy Wills J E On Feb 17, 2011   
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