HAPPY DIWALI IS JUST OVER!!! Though related with mythical stories, in different regions Diwali is essentially a post harvest festival, a time when there is prosperity and plenty after a year long toil. DHAN TERRAH is a customary celebration of the northern India before Diwali. Dhan means wealth, but it is not just cash, jewellery or property, but peace, happiness & health for you & for your family. In other words physical and emotional health. HEALTH AND WELLNESS of the community depends on the harmony among man, animal and nature (M.A.N). While the impact of Modern Production systems is yet to be scientifically evaluated on a region to region basis, conventional systems is claimed to be TIIME TESTED. But today we have to re-test them for sustainability, biodiversity, carbon credit (or carbon clearance rate) and modify them as per the change in life style and equitable benefit to community at micro-level. While man celebrates “Diwali” with fire works and flash lights, there are a nu
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