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Yentha Heroes are not necessarily celebrities. Our hero is a person who brings a smile to our lives or who makes a difference in our neighbourhood. Suggest a hero and Yentha will do the rest. Trust us. Do you know anybody like this? Or a story waiting to be told?
Anjana Defeats Destiny

Anjana spreads joy and colour in her life with her magical drawings. Flowers, birds and butterflies turn more beautiful in her pictures. Anjana, now 22 was like any other girl until she was six. That’s when destiny dealt her a cruel hand. A debilitating disease named ‘Muscular Dystrophy’ made her rather dead than alive. She first lost the movement of her legs and soon it spread to her hands, gradually impeding all her movements. Now, all she can move are her fingers and spends her life in her bed and a chair. Her poor parents have spent more than they could afford for their little girl.

“Her father is a kooli and I am a nursery school helper. We tried everything we could. We had tried Homeopathy and Siddha, but the result was not good. We also tried Ayurvedic treatments. We are now helpless and not making any efforts of treating her. Her father had spent a lot for her sake and the rest of his hard work and savings is this house,” says Anjana’s mother, Ambika.

Anjana’s father Maniyan Pilla carries her to a chair near the window before he leaves for work. The outdoors is always her subject. "I usually spend my time looking outside through this window. I love nature more than any other subject and feel very close to it. I like to listen to the sounds of nature which is like my best friend who always gives me joy and cheers me up,” says Anjana with a winning smile.

“When I want to draw, my mother places the pen between my fingers and soon I would be busy drawing. I painted until my fingers cannot take the pain anymore” she said.

Drawing is not her only love. Anjana loves music too and she spends the rest of her time listening to music. She prefers melodies and sometimes tries to sing. Anjana has been interested in music, dance and painting since childhood and nursed an ambition to become a school teacher.


“Anjana hadn’t learnt painting or drawing from a master. She paints anything she likes. Anjana draws for me also. She draws pictures for the nursery. She was not a bad student either. She had passed the eighth standard without attending school, studying by herself. She reads story books and tells the story to us in the evening,” said Anjana’s mother proudly.

Anjana likes stories - stories of the heroes who made the impossible possible. “I like Helen Keller; I think she is a good inspiration to people like me. She overcame all the obstacles in her life and sharpened her abilities. I had read her story. I would like to be like her too. I don’t like the people who are sympathetic towards me. As a result of this attitude we are forced to spend the rest of our lives doing nothing. People like me need to be educated, they need to read books, learn languages and gain knowledge."

"I don’t believe in faith or destiny.  I dreamt of becoming a teacher; when I realised that it is not possible, I began to love colours. Now I have a big dream to be a good painter. I will paint my world until my fingers stop moving,” says Anjana.

Anjana has been wrestling with her destiny with sheer will power and and struggling to carve a place for herself in this busy world. She refuses to bow down to destiny and continues her lone fight against it with her immense courage.

Yentha salutes this young lady with the never say die attitude and wishes her the very best!

Text and Photos by Krishna A

(We have included all her sketches to give the readers a true sense of what Anjana is capable of).
Posted By : Yentha, On Dec 06, 2012 08:42:32 PM
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"hats off to you" Anjana
Shilpa, on Jan 10, 2013 06:04:19 PM
Gov. shoulder help such people who are struggling to meet their medical expenses. When Tilakan was hospitalized, gov stepped into for his treatment, even though he was financially sound. where are our so called leaders, busy on twitter, facebook, and giving tv interviews.
Ganesh, on Mar 20, 2014 10:57:08 AM
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