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Kochi/Ernakulam: “I may not speak like you, hear like you and move like you. But I do want to do things like you,” these words were the first and foremost thing that hit me when I flipped through the Facebook page of Anjan Sathish.

I felt a sense of curiosity and doubts swept through my mind. But once I reached ‘Anjanam’, my doubts were put to rest. I was welcomed by this charming shy boy with a wide beam. He showed his work one by one. It included pencil drawings, acrylic painings, 3D models and at last caricatures. His eyes twinkled in excitement while we thumbed through his work.

Anjan Sathish; the inborn talented artist has cerebral palsy that impairs his speech, hearing and locomotive functions. But these disabilities hardly hamper his talents as an artist.

“Within hours of his birth, we came to know that something was wrong with our son. He was not like any other child and that fact shattered us completely, says his father N Satheesh Kumar, a manager at Federal Bank.

Anjan’s parents were not ready to accept fate as it was. They regained their strength for their son to make him strong to face the society fearlessly. But a long list of woes was awaiting this couple. They discovered that Anjan had some problem with his eyesight. The test results disclosed that he had glaucoma in both eyes and right away surgeries were done. But fate continues to mock the family with its evil grin.Anjan was unable to move and his legs remain stiff and inflexible. Later his mother Lathika, an assistant in High Court found out that that her son was not responding to her words too. At last, the parents took their son to AIIMS, New Delhi and after a string of checkups, the doctors revealed the name of that much dreadful disease - Cerebral Palsy.

There begins a new era for the family. Anjan’s parents admitted him in Raksha Institute of Special Education Mattanchery for special training. Later Anjan underwent regular physiotherapy sessions and lip reading classes from Mukundan Memorial Speech and Hearing Centre.

“We decided to stand with him to fight against all odds”, says his father. During this tough time, his mother took a long five year break from her profession to look after her toddler.

However, problems surfaced during his school admissions. Many institutions including some Government schools declined to enroll a multiply disordered child. Later St. Mary’s LP School near their house came forward to accept Anjan and at the age of five, he entered the world of letters. Though he finds it difficult to learn the complexities of the language, with the support of his family, Anjan managed to pass his tenth exams with sixty percent marks.

“In fact, Anjan is a brilliant in mathematical equations and formulae,” added his proud father. Owing to his interest in animation and cartoons, Anjan got admission at Toons Academy, Trivandrum and has successfully completed the training in Animation.

The young artist is also a member of KCA (Kerala Cartoon Academy) and his colleagues certified that he is a regular face in camps and trainings conducted by the academy. He had already bagged numerous awards like Rotary International special talent award, Medal in art at the National Abilimpics, Chennai while his first award was the Amrita Keerthy Puraskaram at the age of eight.

Anjan the artist




The twenty four year old boy’s talents are not just confined to painting skills only. He is an avid reader and a good blogger too. Of course, his updated knowledge on current affairs reflected in his work also. “He loves to sketch caricatures about newsmakers and current events. In one of his drawings, he sarcastically sketches the politics behind politics.” The double stand of politicians, sports players in action and celebrities have also become the subject of Anjan’s passion. He had the rare opportunity to present his works to former President A P J Abdul Kalam and Oscar winner Resul Pookutty.

Now being a faculty in arts and computer at Adarsh Special School, Anjan is elated to work with students suffering from Cerebral Palsy, learning syndrome and Down’s Syndrome. Who else can feel the pain they hold to themselves, other than him who has flown over all these problems in flying colours.

Posted By : Yentha, On Jan 08, 2013 12:19:46 AM
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Hi Aditya , As Secretary of the KERALA CARTOON ACADEMY, of which he is one of the most hardworking members, I feel really happy to know that Anjan is getting more and more famous and needed. You may contact Sri Sathish (father) at Tripunithura on his 9446206985 . BEST WISHES, ANJAN :)
Sajjive Balakrishnan, on Feb 11, 2013 05:50:21 PM
Please read more on Anjan at the Kerala Cartoon Academy blog... http://www.keralacartoonists.blogspot.in/search/label/Anjan Sathish
Kerala Cartoon Academy, on Feb 11, 2013 05:52:59 PM
The link is this.... http://www.keralacartoonists.blogspot.in/search/label/Anjan Sathish
Kerala Cartoon Academy, on Feb 11, 2013 06:02:20 PM
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