Unsung Heroes

Yentha Heroes are not necessarily celebrities. Our hero is a person who brings a smile to our lives or who makes a difference in our neighbourhood. Suggest a hero and Yentha will do the rest. Trust us. Do you know anybody like this? Or a story waiting to be told?
Nowhere Man's Canvas!


Everyone enjoys art, a good painting or drawing will never escape our eyes. We have seen artists who are crippled, deaf, dumb or even people who are blind.

I met a man of unsound mind who took the walls of Archbishop Mar Gregorios Snehaveedu as his canvas, and the astonishing fact is that he has no idea of what he is doing. He has no name and no one knows where he's from but he's a part of the Snehaveedu family now.

"Every morning he takes the newspaper and browses through it and after a while he starts drawing exactly the same image on the walls," says the sister in charge. They were amazed and so did not discourage him.

Our artist uses charcoal for his masterpieces. People cannot understand what he says, so he's using his skills as an alternative medium. When asked if he will strike a pose for a picture the shy artist ran away. So readers we won't be able to see him but we have managed to capture some of his work.
Snehaveedu provides these people with a home and care. It has a poultry farm, a large number of dogs, ducks and turtles which are taken care of and maintained by the people living there.

The Snehaveedu accomodates many people like our artist... people whom no one wants, people who have no where to go to.


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Posted By : Yentha, On May 10, 2013 02:51:49 PM
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