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Officer, and an artist

The shelves are a storehouse of trophies and the walls a hotchpotch of paintings. The house depicts his interest in various walks of life. V Santharam IPS (IG, vigilance) can be rightly called jack of all trades.


sankamitraA silver medal won in an inter-college painting competition in 1975 triggered Santharam's artistic flaunt. A law student then, Santharam was honoured by the principal of Fine Arts College. "It was hard for me to exhibit a few of my paintings. I went to various exhibitions, pleaded many artists but no one let me display my paintings in their exhibition," says Santharam about the genesis of Sangamitra, the society he has formed to help artists who cannot afford to fund exhibitions.


"It was hard to conduct a solo exhibition, I just had a few paintings and couldn't find enough money to rent a hall or invite a chief guest, so I couldn't display my talents. It had been my ambition to do something for such artists," he adds.


Thus ‘Sangamitra' was shaped. There's no restriction at all. From housewives to doctors, from 10-year olds to 80-year olds, Sangamitra fosters all. Sangamitra has branches all over Kerala. "Santharam Sir is our patron, he has founded such a wonderful platform. All my art students from ‘Kalaniketam' have benefited from this organisation," says Kilimanoor Shaji, a veteran artist.


juvenilleApart from this Santharam has published a couple of books including ‘Profiles of Juveniles in the making.' In this book several problems that the juveniles face have been discussed. The book is a must-read for anyone working for the welfare of the deprived children. Santharam, who is also the director of Women's Commission, has published a work called "Profiles of Woman". These were followed by collections of poems named ‘Reflections' and ‘Pearls'.


Adding to all this, he is a photographer too. His favourite click, which has been published in the newspapers, is that of a bird sitting on a golf club. Pointing to the picture, he says: "It's all about that moment. if I hadn't clicked the snap at that moment then it wouldn't have any prominence."


If all this isn't enough to call a man an all rounder, then here's more. Santharam is also the President of Kerala Wu shu Association. He is all enthusiastic about the IX National Sub-Junior Wu shu Championship that is held in Trivandrum from March 25-30.

*For further details and help you can contact Sangamitra at this number : 0471 2434850*


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