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Pushpa, Spreading Fragrance In Trivandrum

Pushpa, Spreading Fragrance In Trivandrum

Pushpa Andrews is a resident of Kowdiar, Trivandrum. She is one of the five women who joined in 1996 to give rise to Ashraya, which came to be the relief centre for many-an-inmate of the Regional Cancer Centre (RCC) in Trivandrum.

“Our chairperson Shantha Jose realized the need for such a group when her brother in law fell ill,” says Pushpa. And thus started the work of these women of giving some kind of relief to the cancer patients by talking to them, giving them courage and helping them with whatever activities they could do.

What started as a group of five is now over 300 in number. And it is all women. Among them are names like J Lalithambika IAS.

“There are these areas where no bystanders are allowed. So we go visit them and tell them not to worry. And then we give them kanji vellam (porridge). Many of them really appreciate that. We would have it distributed at the palliative care as well,” says Pushpa about the work Ashraya does.

Ashraya volunteers also spend time at the pediatric play room with the kids who are strong enough to come and play there. “They take some time to feel comfortable with us, but after that they become really close.”

Pushpa belongs to what she calls the ‘Tuesday Group’ which means she is among the volunteers who go to the RCC the first Tuesday of every month with breakfast for patients. “One or the other Ashraya members will be present there everyday.”

Another area that Ashraya works for is rehabilitation of the patients who recover, or of the children of patients. Asraya's website is http://asraya.org

Pushpa is also part of the ‘Mothers Group’ at her church where a group of women gather together and pray for a cause. They also conduct yearly exhibitions of home-baked food, the profits of which go to charity. “It is for organizations like ‘Killi’, which takes care of paralyzed children,” adds Pushpa.

Pushpa who was born in Eswaravilasam Road, Muttada is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer. And she is still learning. She is also good at interior designing and has designed the floor plan for her house at Jawahar Nagar.

She flew to the US soon after her marriage, with her doctor husband. “We planned to come back in five years but it took us 11 years. We wanted to bring up our children like how we were brought up, learning the values of life.”

And so, Pushpa is back in Trivandrum and quite happy to be here, doing little things she could to make this world a cheerful place for one and all.

Posted By : Cris, On Jul 07, 2010 01:05:07 PM
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You are a heroine... Great work !!! God Bless!!!
Yellow Rose, on Jul 07, 2010 10:51:23 PM
How can we join? Any contact nos?
Mary, on Jul 08, 2010 11:50:48 AM
@Yellow Rose: Yes, she is :-). @Mary, yes. The contact number of the president of Ashraya - Shantha Jose - is 2540325.
Cris, on Jul 12, 2010 10:16:58 AM
really greattttttttt
ANAND S V, on Jul 12, 2010 12:27:35 PM
Yes Anand, it is great to set out for such initiatives when many of us do nothing but complain.
Cris, on Jul 14, 2010 05:50:51 PM
We are proud of u :) :) Abhi n Arun
Abhisha, on Jul 19, 2010 12:38:54 AM
abhisha says she's proud of you...so am I!
Arun, on Jul 19, 2010 12:39:18 AM
Carry on ! Keep up the good work & high spirits.
Sreekumar, on Jul 20, 2010 10:38:33 AM
Truly appreciate the work your doing. May the Lord bless all your efforts.
Anju Babu, on Jun 24, 2014 01:25:08 PM
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