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The Storyteller

Behind those profound eyes unfathomable dreams lay waiting to be sketched and uncountable stories waiting to be told. Meet Kishore Mohan, an unconventional storyteller.




Kishore started his career as a software engineer in a reputed IT company, but it didn't take him too long to realise that it was not where he belonged. He quit the job to chase his dreams.


Kishore stood in front of Toons Animation with a bunch of doodles he sketched as a student. After his six months course he started his own production company, ‘Mirchiz Studios'. He was on the go to launch a miniseries for Asianet, but it did not happen. For over a year, Mirchiz Studio ran on loss until they finally gave up. Gathering up his shattered dreams, Kishore moved on.



Never to quit on his dreams, Kishore set up a free brotherhood of concept artists and named it ‘Libera Artisti'. Kishore, Roshan and Sinu form the core members. "Each one of us has a different style and an individuality, and it helps libera artisti deliever its best."




Concept art or graphic novels was never a part of a conventional Kerala. But Kishore, who loves taking risks, says: "My preferred medium for storytelling is graphic novels or animation. For both of these, we need characters and their worlds to be created and I believe it's one area where I can put my art in optimum use."



"A picture speaks a thousand words, but the biggest challenge in making graphic novels is that unlike films we can't adopt various sound effects, we depend on onomatopoeia (words like 'bang, clang, splash')," adds the artist.strawberries


Joining hands with Libera Artisti, Arun Kunjunny, a social activist and environmentalist, held an exhibition ‘Zoom in zoo'. It included the cartoonised sketches certain animals from the Trivandrum zoo like rhino (Ramu), ostrich, lion-tailed macque, lion and tiger. It was designed with an aim to be probable future mascots for the zoo.



If one goes by details, you can see that certain characteristic features of the animals have been highlighted like the long eyelashes and camel-like legs of the ostrich.


Those who chase dreams often inspire others. "The force of a voice suppressed within you when you are in a secure job and it says, 'dude something is missing'. I guess it was on my birthday that Kish told me about how he's getting back to a dream we saw together and forgot in the rush of life," says Roshan, Kishore's best buddy and colleague. "I found that even I was missing that passion in everything when I was doing it for myself. I joined him a month later. We inspire each other with our works more than with words. My bond with Kish is that of a brother and the respect for the storyteller in him," says Roshan.


Kishore is now busy sketching and shading for a collection of folk tales written by Hema Vaidyanathan, a writer based in Switzerland. Kishore has half way through his graphic novel ‘Reborn', which has a Gothic atmosphere. The protagonist Andrew, a hardcore cynic, meets Death. Death is personified as a grim reaper. "People here will take time to digest this hence I have paused it for the time being and am now working on Malayalam folklores," says the artist.



We all have heard these stories from our grandmas, but there has never been a visual interpretation of them. In his dream project, Kishore takes the full freedom to sketch the folkloric characters.



This storyteller promises to take us to a world that we all have heard of but never seen.

Check him out on
Libera Artisti   : http://www.liberaartisti.blogspot.com/
Kishore's Blog : http://kishoremohan.blogspot.com/


Posted By : Yentha, On Mar 26, 2010 06:47:51 PM
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This person should be on deviantart.com
Ashik Salahudeen, on Mar 26, 2010 09:26:14 PM
You can also highlight where he lives, or where he studied to give a local flavour. Thanks.
Akshaya's Fan, on Mar 27, 2010 05:51:24 PM
@ ashik : Yes! Kishore is there at deviantart too :)
Akshaya, on Mar 27, 2010 09:05:27 PM
Great to know there are certain people who really follow their dreams...
Anil, on Mar 27, 2010 10:06:05 PM
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