Aerobic Weight Training Made Easy
It does leave you drenched in sweat and you walk out looking like you have just been helped out of a washing machine | Venugopal
On Nov 11, 2014


I think weight training is a very narcissistic sport and everything about it exaggerated beyond normal standards. You hear expressions such as biceps like mountain peaks, thighs like tree trunks, armour-plated chest and washboard abdomen used so much that you would believe it were the truth.

Never does a day go by without me catching a boy checking his biceps in the rear view mirror of bike or car. He would smile sheepishly when I walk up to him and say “nothing to be ashamed of…I have been doing this the last thirty five years”.

Being in shape means a lot to everyone, especially youngsters. It was as though their life depended on it. I am asked a myriad of questions such as how long will it take to get a physique like Sharukh Khan to why is it so difficult to stay in shape without having to follow a diet.

Against my best of knowledge that says it is impossible to get into shape without diet, I conjure up exercise routines after the other, hoping against hope that one would do the trick. Yes, some have benefitted and others drew a blank, prompting me to try out another. Here is another such exercise routine anyone can try out with good effect. It does leave you drenched in sweat and you walk out looking like you have just been helped out of a washing machine.

It is very much on the experimental stage and not many have tried this out, but it has received raving reviews from all who have tried and benefitted from it. This particular exercise routine also builds some muscle size too, even though it is very aerobic in nature and some of the heavy lifters in the gym have switched to this routine as they feel they can bring down a lot of fat without losing their muscle bulk.

Here are the key points in this routine:-

1.    Move from one exercise to the other without taking any rest in between sets
2.    Do not do more than four repetitions per set
3.    Use a weight you can normally do for about ten repetitions

Here is a sample exercise routine that anyone can try out. I would always suggest that you consult a physician before trying out weight training or this routine.

Day one –

Vertical chest press and standing calf raise. Move from vertical chest press to calf raise, doing only four repetitions per set and then, from calf raise to chest press, doing just four repetitions for the calf muscles. This constitutes one round and try to complete twenty such rounds. Without taking a breather, move on to Wrist curl and Lateral raise, done exactly the same way you have done vertical chest press and calf raise, for twenty more rounds.

That is about all on the first day and if you feel up to it, I suggest that you try out twenty five rounds instead of twenty. It should take you about forty five minutes to complete this routine.

Day two –

Start with single arm rowing and front raise as the first combination and then, leg curl and hammer curl for the second. The procedure is the same as the day before.

Day three –

Leg extension and cable push down will be the first combo and then, shrug with abdomen the second.

Day four –

Stiff legged dead lift or reverse leg raises for raw beginners, with dumbbell curl and then, bent over lateral raises with reverse wrist curl.

The weight that is chosen is as important as doing the workout non-stop. It is not exactly a very tiring workout, but it does make you sweat heavily. I do not understand this phenomenon, but people seem to be very happy when they sweat so much more than they normally do on their regular workout session.

This type of workout is open to all kinds of modifications and variations. I have designed some tougher versions of this routine which includes squat, sumo deadlifts and barbell rows, which have become very popular with the heavy lifters. I would always prescribe a diet with this routine for best effect, but have noticed that many sport noticeable changes without following a strict dietary regimen.

Exercise is not a panacea, but it sure does ward off a lot of health problems, especially when coupled with a proper diet. Many tend to see diet as a form of starvation, when all it means is a certain discipline in the eating habits. As they say, the best way to stay healthy is to exercise discretion at the dining table.

Venu Gopal Unnikrishnan
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