Happy Teacher's Day
This comes from a teacher's heart ... and words only a teacher can understand | Susan Mathew
On Sep 03, 2014


Happy Teacher's Day

I’m not just a teacher,
I’m also other things.
Not least, a story teller,
When books to life I bring.

Always, I’m a reporter,
Keeping a journal for the year.
And a photographer who captures
On film, their laughter and tears.

I’m a doctor who detects,
When a child is feeling sick
Sometimes, a psychic, who knows
Someone's up to a trick.

Often, I’m a decorator,
With pictures to fill every wall.
Then, I’m a fitness instructor,
Showing them how to stand tall.

For times when they stray from values,
Like a preacher, I frown.
When they’re sad, to cheer them,
I act like a clown.

I’m a policeman, now and then,
As the playground I’m patrolling.
When they fuss with their food,
I’m their dietitian, gently cajoling.

Some days, I’m a confidante,
Who keeps their secrets close.
Or a detective, solving mysteries,
As their antics I expose.

If you say, I’m only a teacher,
It’s only 'cause you don’t know.
How when I’m with children,
I’m always so much more.
Susan Mathew
Susan is a teacher who is still learning. She is inspired by Albert Einstein's words, 'Imagination is more important than knowledge'. Susan runs one of Trivandrum's most popular schools for kids - Friends Play School & Kindergarten at Jawahar Nagar (since 1988).
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