Chicken Perattu, A Spicy Delight For Food Lovers
Welcome to Hotel Krishna, located few kilometers away from Balaramapuram at city's outskirts |Shambhu Nair
On Nov 26, 2015


For Indians food plays an important role in pursuing the myriad cultural traditions that date back to many centuries. And when it comes to South Indian dishes, spicy food forms the very core of food culture.

Coming to southern end of the subcontinent, to the outskirts of Trivandrum city, there is a hotel by name of Hotel Krishna, located a few kilometers away from Balaramapuram, famous for its 'Chicken Perattu'.

People are used to seeing luxury vehicles parked outside a top class hotel anywhere, but seeing a long line of such vehicles parked outside this small hotel in city's outskirts is indeed strange, that is until you have tasted 'Chicken Perattu'.

The dish by name is not unique to this hotel, but the dish you are served here certainly stands leagues apart from rest.

There is no better appetiser to relish a dish than the aroma of deliciously cooked food and the aroma of Chicken Perattu at Hotel Krishna is a thing beyond words. Taste it and you find yourself in that world. The dish is so famous that you will see people who have come from faraway places just to have the taste of this particular dish at Hotel Krishna.

Though Chicken Perattu is the most famous dish, it does not stand alone as the mouth watering delicacy at Hotel Krishna. Others like 'Chicken Toran' and 'Chicken Curry' play excellent supporting roles to the main one. As accompaniments 'Puttu' and 'Kappa' are served.

Krishnankutty is the master brain behind this venture. He knows very well what it takes to drive a foodie crazy with the taste of Chicken Perattu. He uses marinated country chicken for the dish which is prepared and cooked the old fashioned way so as to retain the taste from the ages.

The hotel is open from 10 a.m. to 9.30 p.m everyday.

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