Film Review - Adventures Of Omanakkuttan (Mal): An Adventure In Every Sense
Omanakkuttan teases you, tests your patience, makes you think, rethink. the movie is nothing short of an entirely new experience in Malayalam cinema says Sriram.
On May 22, 2017

Nobody in the world likes to be fooled, except when he steps in for a magic show or a movie. The more the movie succeeds to fool the audience, the more satisfied he will be. But there are preset standards on how an average viewer likes to be fooled, variations on which can leave him disappointed. 

Adventures of Omanakkuttan is truly an adventurous attempt from the makers to deceive the audience so much that even the genre of the movie is a mystery until its climax. Even though the lack of grip can test the patience of many, the movie ends up a great cinema experience for most cinema lovers.        

Curiosity is the basic mood of Adventures of Omanakkuttan. There is something missing or dreamy about almost everything in the movie. The director, Rohith V S does well to not cross the line between curiosity and confusion. But the light mood with time steals the movie of the grip on the audience, converting the curiosity into mere wait. The movie takes off in a really interesting manner exploring through Omanakkuttan. 
Every scene has a sort of freshness and novelty to it, but the fact that it is a continuous two and a half affair did not help the cause. Just as it relies on its craft, the movie is one with a good long story. It’s the absolute victory of the writer and the director that the movie tempts the viewer to rethink almost every detail he just saw on screen. Things fall in place only after thorough retrospection of a lot of elements. In fact the movie calls for a second time watch in that aspect. At the same time there are parts of the story, which falls short of purpose and links which are weakly filled in. That said, the movie is nothing short of an entirely new experience in Malayalam cinema. 
The fact that Rohith V S and a lot of other technicians are debutants makes it an even more special. In an attempt like no other, there are absolute ripper elements like the protagonist searching for something he doesn’t have a clue about, along with the viewers who think that they know what he is looking for. A bit clearer hindsight on the history of the character of the protagonist may have taken the movie to a level where the masses could take over. But as mentioned before, a second time watch may well give a different picture. Another notable thing about the movie is that, it laments about the pretentious characters all over, that there is nothing really genuine in this world which itself is subjected to marketing. Although the movie changes colour at many instances, it shows complete sincerity to its proceedings in the current moment, exploring things in detail accompanied by humour and showing no hints of a shift in gear. 

Asif Ali, who has shown signs of coming of age in the past few years dons one of his most challenging roles in Omanakuttan. He does justice to the opportunity he got as he delivers a good performance. Bhavana also does a very neat job. Siddique once again proved why he is one of the best in the business as he simply stole the show whenever he got a chance.

Music in Adventures of Omanakkuttan like the movie proved a really different experience. Arun Muraleedharan and Dawn Vincent come up with some catchy songs which when combined with Rohith’s craft makes for a great watch. The scores deserve special mention as it immensely contributed to this dreamy mysterious affair.
An adventure is not really one when you know what is coming. In that aspect, Adventures of Omanakkuttan is a perfect adventure any movie lover can opt for. It teases you, tests your patience, makes you think, rethink and finally come at amazing conclusions at the expense of two hours forty six minutes. If anybody thinks that the above mentioned is worth it, this movie is perfect for you.


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