Movie Review-Godha (Mal): Godha Is Simple And Powerful
What makes Godha different and special is the way the events affect the protagonist, who is the most relatable character of the lot feels Sriram
On May 23, 2017


A woman centric sports movie inherently packs the perfect ingredients for an exciting, heart touching cinematic affair. But with it come the dangers of predictability and the cliché of ‘struggle, strive and achieve’. Godha stands out for its freshness, lightness and compactness, at the same time subtly conveying its beautiful message, that of the impact of an age old sport like wrestling on the common man, inspiring a wind of fitness on the audience.


Godha shows the audience an alternate path a sports movie can take, without making itself look like one. Entertainment and fun keeps the movie ticking outside, while a solid plot slowly discovers itself and drives the movie from the inside. Although, there are not many elements in Godha that can boast novelty, they are intelligently presented maintaining a sense of freshness throughout. The pacing of the movie is the backbone as the makers don't make a foot wrong in the route they take towards their destination. The editor Abhinav Sunder Nayak deserves the credit for the crispiness. 

The main characters are projected powerfully enough to stay with the viewers even after the show. The writer Rakesh Mantodi takes special care not to overdo any part of the story, resulting in a compact and precise end product. Basil Joseph executes it brilliantly conveying the emotions involved really well. He makes the intensity clear, maintaining the light mood of the movie. The flow of the movie rises above the predictability as it very often takes creative, unobvious turns yet staying genuine to the situations. 

Even though fun is the fuel of Godha, it is executed in a very believable manner. Even the holes in the story at various points of time have been explicitly presented maintaining the curiosity. The lead-up to the climax, could have been handled a lot better. The wrestling matches on their own don’t contribute a lot  to the excitement like it is capable of. But the energy built up till then, simply keeps the movie going.

The female lead character Aditi Singh takes the centre stage during the crux of the movie. The situations, challenges and the helplessness a woman has to face to live her dreams have been portrayed subtly and beautifully. But what makes Godha different and special is the way the events affect the protagonist, who is the most relatable character of the lot. 

The movie safely rests on the shoulders of three very good acting performances. Tovino Thomas demonstrates his versatility as Anjaneya Das. He had ample opportunities to perform and he simply grabbed it with both hands delivering a grand performance. But Wamiqa Gabbi was the star of the show. Aditi Singh attracted the love of the other characters and the viewers alike. Her brilliant performance made for some really emotional moments. The director also deserves applause.  Ranji Panikkar almost comes up with his career best performance as the invincible Captain.

Shaan Rahman shows signs of returning to his best. The scores were very effective and contributed nicely to the feel of the movie. Wow song stands apart from the lot for its soothing tune and attractive visualization. Kannanjunnoru Naadu sums up the feel, the movie gives the viewer once he leaves the hall. Aaro Nenjil, Captain’s honour are some other good tracks.

Godha is entertaining and to an extent inspiring. It is not completely about the struggle of an underdog to glory like one may expect from a sports movie involving wrestling. Despite some minor flaws, the makers deserve special credit for the execution, which is perfectly paced, neatly wrapping the emotions in good humour.
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