Food Corner:Energy Balls For Exam Takers
With the exams tumbling over this month and Gen Z being as cool as cucumbers, I think this snack is ideally meant for the parents rather than for them observes our Inconsistent Chef. Keep calm and study on.
On Mar 14, 2017


I have been hearing many parents discuss their kids and their casual attitude towards exams. These days the kids are so ready to face the exams head on and in such a relaxed manner. In my opinion, unlike us when we were younger taking similar exams, their stress levels are distributed evenly at various stress-busting avenues be it their gadgets, a movie or a series or on any social platform. It’s as if they are on Chillax Pills. They draw a great deal of relaxation by just mingling with their peer group during and after school hours on these gadgets or platforms! They even binge watch their soaps prior to exams.


Although the kind of children produced have changed, the stress levels of the parents’ and the general mentality towards the board exams remain a constant!


Well I am done with mine a couple of years ago and it was a roller-coaster ride for me as well. In addition to my woes back then, I also had to face a parent’s sudden demise in the midst of my first born’s XII exams. I still remember my son was shattered that I had gone into a shell as I hadn’t spoken to him much and did distance myself from him for a while and took my time to return to my base since my father’s passing. He needed my support very badly and we did speak about it later on during my recovery period since my father’s passing. I have no advice for any parent other than ensure that you too eat well, rest well and be there physically for the children. Gen Z may never ask for it but it will keep you at peace.


These energy balls come in handy and are so versatile and healthy in a myriad ways both in preps and taste. You may mix and match with whatever ingredients you have at home. You need a buttery element to hold them together so you will need something that would boost your energy levels and you surely require a healthy sweetener. All the rest that are incorporated are the frills that amp the balls and take them a notch further.


In this recipe our energy booster is of course Oats keeping ours or our children’s health in mind. Remember if the kids enjoy these, share these with them. I decided to keep the buttery element to hold the oats together as Peanut Butter and of course Honey would be my first choice of a sweetener. With all these at hand let’s jump into the recipe that I found easy-peasy to put together.


Two cups of oats along with a half cup of a combination of cranberries, desiccated coconut/flakes and Choco chips were placed into a huge bowl. To this I added a third of a cup of honey, a tsp. of vanilla extract, three-quarters cups of peanut butter (preferably the creamy version), and a tsp. of flax seeds and a tsp. of chia seeds. If you are not able to source the seeds you may add the seeds that are easily available in the stores like melon seeds or nuts of choice.

The peanut butter helps to bring the entire mixture together along with the honey. You may use disposable gloves while handling these. Once they are combined well, refrigerate it for half an hour. Once chilled, take it out and form uniform balls with them. You may use an ice-cream scoop to assist you if the balls don’t turn uniform!


These balls are packed with power and energy to keep one going for long hours. You may prepare an entire batch and store them in sterile containers in the fridge. You may also roll each ball in some more desiccated coconut before having them or presenting them to your children or guests.



Inconsistent Chef' is a food blogger who shares her personal experience of cooking traditional and fusion dishes using ingredients available in India. Some of her dishes are outrightly native, while some are exotic and brings in elements from different continents and cultures. The accent here is on the experience of conjuring up a dish - the texture, colours, flavours and their play on the palate. The presentation of recipes is unique that there is no need for measuring cups or quantities. It's measuring by your senses and getting it right by sheer instinct.


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